How to Create an Incredible Recruitment Website?

Your website is a highly valuable asset when you start a recruitment agency. However, if you fail to work on it properly, it will never show its highest potential.

To enjoy the highest earnings from your recruitment agency website, you should do everything to build it right and maintain it in its best condition. You can take help of UX design websites to achieve this.

A website is your brand’s summation.

Therefore, every piece should fall in place to create the best impression and convey the perfect image of your agency.

From SEO to boosting conversion rates, a lot of things can transform your recruitment website into a well-functioning, valuable business resource.

Indeed, creating one of the best recruitment agency websites can take time, but the hard work will eventually pay off.

Your recruitment agency will gain a higher conversion rate, and you’ll be able to provide a better and more appreciative experience for both candidates and clientele.

13 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating Your Recruitment Website

recruitment website

1. Keep It Tidy & Straightforward

Your website’s look plays a significant role in attracting and retaining companies and job seekers. If it appears outdated or clunky, visitors will switch to your competitor’s website.

To keep visitors intact, you should present yourself as reliable and authoritative. Maintaining such a website isn’t simple- it needs a good amount of planning, R&D, and implementation.

When designing and developing a recruitment website, keep millennials in mind. It was estimated that by 2020, Gen Y would become 50% of the worldwide workforce, and by 2025 they’ll amount to 75%. The tech-savvy gen looks for a decent website.

Hence, this makes it even more important to cast an impression of a decent website.

As per a survey, it takes around 50 milliseconds for an internet user to assess your website and decide whether to stick around or move on. And many factors play a part in it– right from color, spacing, size, and selection of font and structure.

According to a Google study, websites with poor visual complexity and better proto-typicality were highly appealing.

In simple words, tidy, simple, and appealing websites attract visitors better. Once you are established, you can bring in the required changes.

2. Secure Your Recruitment Website with SSL

Candidates apply for job alerts on recruitment websites, adding their personal information.

If their email address gets sniffed out, they may get spam mails and be a victim of cybercrime. Luckily, SSL comes to your rescue.

SSL is a digital certificate that you should include to authenticate your website’s identity.

Recruitment websites with an SSL certificate installed to get an SEO enhancement and become a default result for the researchers.

An SSL Certificate ensures that the information shared between the server and the user is secure and locked and will not be intercepted by hackers. It makes your website connection authentic and reliable, thereby allowing users to share their information with comfort and safety.

It’s budget-friendly and keeps your website 100% secure from all cyber threats, giving you a competitive edge against your competitors. If you are looking for inexpensive yet reliable certs, we suggest investing in a Comodo SSL certificate, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, or AlphaSSL certificate.

Often recruitment sites contain a number of level-one subdomains such as resume upload, job details section, etc. To secure such websites, we suggest investing in a cost-effective cheap wildcard SSL. This single cert will afford unmatched protection to an unlimited number of first-level sub-domains under the selected primary domain at no extra cost.

3. Keep Colour & Its Mental Impact into Consideration

Your color selection plays a vital role in recruitment website design. The best recruitment websites such as Guardian Jobs, Indeed, NHS Jobs, and Reed use blue, black, and white colors with a tinge of orange or yellow.

Did you know recruitment sites often consider blue because it is linked with trust, morality, and reliability?

4. Include a Clear Navigation

how to create a recruitment website

Your recruitment website should cater to companies and workers. Hence, everyone should find their way around quickly and get to the pages they want without any problem.

If you don’t have smooth and straightforward navigation, both candidates and clients may leave your website within seconds.

5. Switch to an Enhanced Job Search Tool

A job search tool is essential for all recruitment websites. It should be easy to see and simple to operate.

It should have enhanced filters to help users search for various job opportunities in the relevant fields and positions. Candidates should be able to filter their search based on location, salary, job title, and more. It will end up enhancing the candidate experience.

6. Set up a Simple CTA & a Hassle-free Job Application Procedure

After the job search for a suitable job, the user will look for a call-to-action. Hence, it is essential to make it simple, clean, and easily visible.

Usually, an online recruitment website needs candidates to sign-up and demands their basic information and CV. After this information is collected, applying for future jobs becomes convenient.

Make job application a painless process to attract a high number of visitors.

7. Make Sure You Send Job Alerts

Job alerts are a major element of online recruitment sites.

Applicants consider it as a first-mover benefit. Moreover, it gives them an idea of what to expect from their application. This gives them real-time feedback and relevant information for their careers.

So, include an RSS feed to update your visitors regularly with the latest job availability. It will boost your engagement rate too.

8. Be Active on Social Media

recruitment website

A useful way to keep visitors constantly updated on your recruitment company is to use social media.

It will also help you enjoy a good exposure. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are some of the favorite social media platforms for such recruitment website owners.

Share information about the latest job openings on social media and add inter
esting content about improving CVs, interview tips, and career growth. Once you enjoy a good following on your social media, you can start creating informative articles and blogs to boost your Google ranking.

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9. Create Insightful & Actionable Blogs

Updating your recruitment website with informative and fresh content is a great step. Create articles on matters related to job application, career advice, CV structuring, and more.

Use targeted keywords in the content to boost your SEO and Google ranking. To get traffic, your recruitment website should be on the top of the search results; hence, give your recruitment site an edge and make sure it follows all the regulations to avoid penalties from your search engine.

10. Videos Are Equally Important

Usually, websites refrain from hosting long-form text. However, remember, visitors prefer a visual experience.

Using videos for your recruitment website is a good SEO decision.

Google keeps updating its algorithm to determine how well your website performs. But, your SEO cannot just be based on acquiring good quality backlinks. It needs to attract visitors naturally. And videos are a great way to do that. It offers an edge over your competitors.

But, 75% of the recruitment agency websites do not use videos.

Ensure you use videos to give your viewers an insight into what to do next and where to sign up for updates from your site.

11. Use the Best of SEO Tactics

recruitment website seo

SEO is a major consideration when developing a website. After all, a well-designed website with high-quality content is what all users need.

It can be tough to update with the changing Google algorithm, but a website with robust SEO will definitely give you exemplary results. It ensures the right traffic finds your website, and it is efficiently ranked on the search engines.

It is necessary to be cautious about personalized page titles, keyword-oriented job descriptions, meta tags, image tags, and broken links.

12. Make Your Recruitment Website Mobile Responsive

As per Kelton Research, 86% of applicants use their mobile phones for job research, and 70% apply it using their smartphones.

Hence, making your website mobile responsive and streamlined for mobile viewing is very important.

13. Make it Future-proof

While developing an online recruitment website, you should ensure that the technology you are using is future-proof. Make an investment that your website technology, design, and compliance don’t look old in the next two years.

Future-proof your website for exponential growth and keep updating it regularly!

In Final Words

Recruitment agencies that know that their websites work as a recruitment channel to enhance the hiring process and work as a mediating platform for your candidates and clients take the best step to simplify the process for both parties.

Hence, choose a reliable recruitment website design agency to help you out in the process. Use the best recruitment technology to make businesses more productive and profitable for the users.

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