Applicant Tracking System (ATS System)

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1. What is an Applicant Tracking System?

If you are a recruiter or run a recruitment agency,  you know how tedious it is to constantly keep track of your endless candidates

An applicant tracking system helps you simplify your work by streamlining data from your careers page, job boards & email while, helping you track candidate applications.

Applicant Tracking Systems were originally designed for large organizations that had to deal with thousands of job applications every week but over the past decade, an increasing number of recruitment firms have started using them to sustainably grow their businesses.

The average recruiter starts saving 15-20 hours a month within the first few weeks of switching from spreadsheets to a dedicated ATS system.  The ease of access, increase in productivity makes most recruiters prefer ATS’s over spreadsheets. The average ATS systems cost between $50-$250, there’s something that works for every type of recruiter!

Pro Tip: Make sure you choose an ATS which helps you comply with your country’s laws (GDPR in Europe, EEO in the United States etc).

2. How do applicant tracking systems(ATS) work?

The best ATS systems today are on the cloud (internet) and can be accessed from anywhere using your cell phone/computer. Recruitment Firms use software called Applicant Tracking System to better manage their recruitment process. ATS’ automate the entire recruitment process, right from receiving applications to hiring candidates.

ATS systems are fed with resumes either from Job boards, social networking websites or from references. Information on these resumes is then parsed and saved in the database with fields like Name, Address, Skills, Email ID etc. This database is then used for screening candidates & scheduling interviews. Candidates can be moved through stages across the hiring process and recruiters can view candidates at different stages of their pipeline.

Pro Tip: The quality of your database impacts the number of successful placements you make. Choose an ATS with a resume parser that can parse CV’s from your email so you never miss out on great candidates.

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