10 Candidate Sourcing Strategies That Recruiters Can Use This Season

Planning along with effective strategies will help ease the recruitment process to an extent. When it comes to candidate sourcing for a specified post as mentioned by a client— it is one of the most challenging things to do especially in a worked-up environment. We are here to sort every problem related to recruitment by giving it a necessary definition. Hence, it’s important to know about candidate sourcing in details. It is the process of constant and valuable searching, identifying and contacting candidates for roles you are either recruiting for or will be recruiting for in the future. Sometimes it’s done manually (quite an old school method) while the other way round is hiring a responsible company for it (like a recruitment agency).

Further to clarify this point, recruiting happens after potential sourcing and then it incorporates several rounds of screening, interviewing and evaluating components of the recruitment process. Candidate sourcing is essential especially when it comes to talking about today’s recruiting strategy because success in hiring ultimately boils down to a great candidate which might have involved minimal time and money spent in the entire recruiting process. We have mentioned 10 such trending strategies that your agency can put to use this year.

Here Are A Few Top-Notch Strategies Recruiters Can Use For Candidate Sourcing

With innumerable guides available across the internet on sourcing candidates, here we are, helping recruitment agencies go proactive and find out the best of best candidates!

1. Introduction Of An Employee Referral Program


This 2021, the programs which should be credited for their constant hard work & spirit is employee referral programs. Not many people know about this but this essential program alone works as a secret hiring tool by many famous recruiters all across the world.

Some benefits include:

  • Turnover rates turning low
  • Hiring quality enhances
  • Minimal hire time
  • Better & shorter onboarding
  • Affordable hiring conditions

Unlike the branding of an employer, setting up a quality employee referral program won’t be expensive at all based on the results it showcases in a quick time frame.

2. Take A Proper Note Of Candidate Experience


No matter if its a phone screening or an in-person interview, a candidate’s first impression of your company is critical hence it is often said to treat them similar to your clients. This works as a boost and helps them understand your motives better.

Here are a few ways:

  • Value their time, be it offline or online. Always make an attempt to show up on time. If you’re running late by any chance let them know beforehand
  • Be hospitable especially when a candidate arrives for an onsite interview, ask if they’d like to drink something for refreshment which will help them feel welcome and comfortable

Learning is a never-ending pathway so while job fairs can be helpful for finding qualified candidates, as well as non-recruiting-specific events, make the gateway open to an excellent opportunity to meet motivated industry professionals who are eager to network and advance in their field along with you picking up tricks & tips to expand your own understanding in this field. It’s always the case that most passionate professionals will quickly stand out in a crowd of thousands.

4. Take Proper Care In Setting High-Quality Recruitment Strategies


Targeting your pain points is the first step and when you are done with it, you can strategize ways to improve your efforts moving forward. If you’re having a hard time getting the application of potential candidates, try finding new job board platforms or also try hosting a hiring event which is of better value these days.

If it’s taking months to fill up a position then go around tapping into different networks or offer your team a higher employee referral bonus. You can term these as one among those unlimited number of strategies you can implement but you want to ensure you’re making the most of your efforts by setting goals and planning how to reach them in adequate time.

5. Start Investing In Some Awesome Recruiting Tools


If by chance you are not familiar with currently utilizing recruitment tools for simplification of your recruiting process, consider investing in it right now as it can help you save time and money.

Go for a video interview platform or sometimes a feature-rich Applicant Tracking System. These tools help in streamlining and automating certain tasks so that your team can focus on what really matters and ignore what’s distracting.


Modification of your search terms to source additional new candidates online can be helpful. Broaden your search terms and expand your present semantics.  Focus on uncovering the gems hiding in the background.

Remember that if you are into doing basic searches then expect that the turn up will reciprocate equally. But what is even more frustrating, every company uses different titles for the same role sometimes with a fancy description too. So, when you’re running a new search on social media or via a search engine always make sure that there are all possible titles before you start.

7. Put Your Employees’ Network To Good Use


Employ sourcing sessions to expand your talent pool. This can be done with your team in your organization to see if anyone in your employees’ networks would be a good fit for one of your open roles. Your employees are the best place from where you can reach untapped talent, and in return improve response rates from candidates they know.

8. Craft Your Outreach Messages Properly


Knowing your target audience is crucial while writing a strong outreach message. When it comes to sales professionals, they usually say that they would accept less money to work at a company selling something compelling, while on the other hand healthcare professionals are likely to accept less money to work at a company with a great and impeccable culture.

Improve your response rates by focusing on the things that matter to each type of candidate, in short, keep them personalized.

9. Get Hold Of Online Skills Assessment Tools


Skill testing tools always help to vet out the hard skills of candidates before they come in for interviews. They can be of different forms such as Programming Challenges and they have built-in sourcing tools for employers and the option to sponsor challenges and contests of their own.

Psychometric testing tools are one more thing that can reveal traits in candidates that are essential for high performance in the job you want them to hire for.

10. Career Pages Should Be Creative Enough


Many people take it that way but it’s not enough to have a career page listing your available jobs. Maybe you have a little more written about your company’s history; A showoff is essential sometimes. Get more creative by posting photos of your group outings and getting quotes from thriving and happy employees about their experience with the company.

Highlight what it looks and feels like to be an employee of your business it can build jealousy and performance at the same time.

It’s vital for a recruitment agency to consider candidate sourcing as the heart of the process. As long as recruiters don’t comprehend the vitality that sourcing the right candidates bring (like employee retention and better turnover), it’s hard for a recruitment agency to make its mark. Don’t forget to tell us in
the comments below which are the candidate sourcing techniques you’re using this 2021.

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